FrackingPaperCapture2The concern for safe and healthy environments is an ongoing trial for many of us, both personally and publicly.  The movement to ban horizontal hydraulic fracturing has been going on for years now in New York, and is still in need of energy and a louder voice.  The Glossary Link Alchemical Nursery has until now, not provided a formal statement in regard to hydro-fracking, not out of any question of our position, nor of a lack of interest, but simply due to a lack of priority.  We give thanks and appreciation to the many individual activists and groups and organizations that are, and have been, leading this fight.  Individuals within the Alchemical Nursery have often engaged in local efforts and actions to support the ban, and now have made the effort as an organization to lend our voice to this ongoing struggle with our anti-fracking position statement.

The Alchemical Nursery’s Anti-Hydrofracking Position
As residents of New York State, and the greater global ecological system, The Alchemical Nursery stands in solidarity with all those who resist the Hydrofracking industry’s attempts to horizontally drill for natural gas in New York State and the world. We recognize that the construction of drilling wells in New York State would entail water contamination, ecological destruction, and significant air pollution. These proposed drilling operations are another instance where an unsustainable economic system is attempting to impose its logic upon us, at our expense and against our will, with catastrophic results for the integrity of both global ecosystems and human communities.   (Continued, please click "Read More").

The energy industry wants immediate permission to begin extraction in NY despite documented evidence of the consequences in other areas1. Once the wells are in, the damage is done, both in terms of extending the energy binge the globalized economy depends on, and in damage to our water tables, rivers, farmlands, forests and communities.  Economic revitalization can only be achieved via a regenerative and human scaled jobs program that has long-term vision.  

Our Steady-State Demands
The goal of the Alchemical Nursery is the achievement of sustainable systems and lives in the city of Syracuse and beyond. We seek to cultivate a healthier, more ecologically minded and creative community.  We recognize that the people of New York State are members of our community and, especially during this age of economic precariousness, deserve fulfilling and permanent jobs.  We demand that New York State and the Federal Government engage with the people directly to create a Green Jobs program which will allow us to move beyond the use of fossil fuels and be realistic about decreasing our current levels of energy consumption.  This will lead us toward a sustainable “steady-state” society which would avoid the transformation of our bank of natural resources into an over-stocked surplus of goods.

The refusal of a democratically planned economy will lead to further ecocide, climate change, and misery of the vast majority of people in our society both now and in the future. Safe solutions will not be found anywhere in the nuclear or fossil fuel energy industries, nor in Governor Cuomo's sacrifice zones. The safe solution in this case is to ban fracking outright, everywhere.

Our Vision
We invoke our collective strength and call for a transformation of our society away from capitalist driven inequities.  We demand responsibility be taken for the full health of our community by working in interdependence with each other for human-scaled, full-featured settlements harmlessly integrated into the natural world that are supportive of healthy human development.   We welcome all Syracusans, Central New Yorkers, and New York State residents to join us in the creation of a society that encourages a deeper and more respectful relationship with each other, and therefore leading to a deeper and more respectful relationship with the Earth as well.

invite you to join with us in our practices of Glossary Link permaculture gardening and farming, and ecovillage styled intentional community, as we create regenerative systems built on interdependence, not on the rule of a small percentage who “own” and plunder our natural resources.

We encourage everyone in the greater Syracuse community to get the facts and speak the truth to power about the dangers of hydrofracking, nuclear power, pollution generating industry, and high-grade lumber extraction. Join us at film screenings, rallies, and in organizing both direct actions to defend our ecosystems and in creating alternative solutions in our community.

We encourage decentralized energy production using alternative appropriate technologies (wind, solar, biomass/wood, etc.) and resource management (forestry, small-scale manufacturing, and technical installation and maintenance) on a local scale.  This should include non-hierarchical methods of decision making such as General Assemblies, forms of Glossary Link consensus and sociocracy, and cooperative business ownership and development.


1 "EPA: Hydrofracking May Have Tainted Wyoming Aquifer",
"Marcellus Shale Fail - Estimates of Natural Gas Reserves Were Inflated";siu-container
"Scientist: Gas Industry is Withholding Hydro-Fracking Contamination Data";siu-container  
“ALEC and ExxonMobil Push Loopholes in Fracking Chemical Disclosure Rules”


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