Occupy_004In recognition of the strength of community, the intentionality of purpose, and the commonality of values which embody the Occupy encampments and movement; The Glossary Link Alchemical Nursery extends this statement of solidarity and solicitude to those identifying with the struggle towards,and the goals of, a fairer and juster system, both locally in Syracuse and further afield throughout the world.

The Alchemical Nursery hereby expressly acknowledges it’s support and solidarity with the Occupy movements both locally and globally, as expressed through Glossary Link consensus by the Board of Directors.  Our solidarity with Occupy Syracuse and Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Everything is a recognition of the overlap that exists between our efforts.
We recognize the systematic inequality of the economic reality within which we currently exist. We recognize the pernicious qualities our economic system rewards with monetary wealth and power, and the subsequent effects that has on the contours of the world, in the alleged economic necessities that extend our energy binge and deepen the impacts of the holocene extinction event. We see these tragedies in the context of a very few people making decisions which affect the vast majority and leave them with choices reflecting bad and worse. We lament the realities which await future generations that emerge into the wake of this tumult.

We loudly applaud the notion of the Occupy movement towards our community seeking to rebuild itself from scratch. From the standpoint of community resilience there is no better thing than people coming out, braving the weather and the voice of the opposition, speaking, listening and learning how to make decisions together. We also recognize the sacrifices made by Occupy supporters in mutual aid of camps, campers and those among of you who have braved arrest to be heard; such as in the recent speaking out against the toxic consumerism of Black Friday.

Locally, The Alchemical Nursery works to enhance endeavors for restoring the commons, through building an open community based on cooperation, mutual aid, intentionality and egalitarianism of community.  We create educational offerings that provide exposure to progressive and accessible strategies for the 99% such as ecovillage lifestyles and natural building (films, discussion panels, and workshops), sharing of resources (clothing swap), urban homesteading and food production (herbal health and gardening, Glossary Link permaculture design).  We promote new and innovative strategies for CNY while working to develop the infrastructure and capacity for such through networking across property boundaries (DUCk, an intentional community ecovillage concept), and alternatives to the current monetary system (Timebanking).

We hope to work beside the Occupy movement, and within the camaraderie of its shared values and intentions, in joining together at hands-on permaculture trainings and work projects, and implementing solutions through appropriate technology for a more equitable usage of resources on our planet.  These actions lead to more resilient natural ecosystems, while providing increased self-sufficiency for those who reside among them; while providing a recognition of the primacy of preserving the integrity of the ecosystem locally, and standing in solidarity with the struggle to save and restore Mother Earth elsewhere also.

For more information and to get involved locally in CNY, visit www.occupysyracuse.org

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