We want happy, healthy, resilient communities; and we know you do too.

Food security is a real issue in our neighborhoods ("According to the Onondaga County Department of Social Services, use of food stamps has increased locally 81% in the past four years. The City of Syracuse recognizes food access as a key issue.  The Department of Planning and Sustainability is now in the final stages of submitting a Food Access plan to the Common Council to address local food security issues."1).

The   Glossary Link Alchemical Nursery is working to build free food forest resources across the region, and educating the public in many ways about smart and ethical landscaping options that place food at the forefront, as one part of a solution.  If you had an easy opportunity to support this work, along with our other programming related to mutual aid, intentional community, and natural building, would you?

We present the "$1 for Permaculture" fundraising campaign.

If you're fortunate enough to have a secure roof over your head, and a healthy meal on your table, every night, and you are employed and making a livable wage, why not make a small monthly pledge of only $1.00 to the Alchemical Nursery?  Of course you are more than welcome to contribute more than $1 monthly, but the important part is that you become a Sustaining member by making a recurring monthly donation.

Click through to read more, or visit our $1 for Permaculture campaign page to make your recurring donation.

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promotionWith election day just around the corner, The Glossary Link Alchemical Nursery Project presents our Proclamation for Participatory Governance.

As the election cycle comes to a close this year, the painful spectacle of two party politics that currently exists, versus an ideal of local participatory processes as a vehicle for actual consent in governance, has inspired our collective mind at The Alchemical Nursery to offer our opinions thusly. 

The intent of Intentional Community embodies this call for collectivism and process, and small-scale planning and organizing, that can be actualized on a human scale.    The term “Intentional community” is generally used to refer to small scale alternative communities such as eco-villages, co-housing developments, apartment cooperatives, or house collectives; but the processes and policies used can easily be brought to utilization within our current landscape of existing neighborhoods and communities; beginning with efforts to refocus local municipal governance to increase direct participation of the constituency.......

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UrbanPermacultureflyer5th Annual Progressive Film Screening and Discussion - Saturday October 5th
At The Westcott Bulb Project, Westcott Community Center, 826 Euclid Avenuu, Syracuse, NY
FREE and open to all
(Bulb Give-Away for Westcott residents only)

Film from 11:00-12:30, followed by 30 minute panel discussion and free raffle prize give-away - (must be present to win!!)

Watch Trailer at www.youtube.com/watch?v=48FwxBxCCHo

Facebook Event Page at https://www.facebook.com/events/1417247065157568/

The DVD shows you various small Glossary Link Permaculture garden with Geoff explaining how they function and interact with other elements. Then we go on a Permaculture Garden Blitz. Geoff and a team of students renovate an extablish garden – the permaculture way over a period of three days. The client wants food security and to grow as much at home as possible. Geoff and his team plan the ultimate food growing solution.
You’ll get to see how it all shapes up.  What will you see? . . . . . Add a comment


Some of our favorite Fall events are coming up.. 

  Clothes Swap at the Westcott Street Fair - September 15
Rhama Food Forest Garden Work Day - September 22
 Fall Film Screening with the Westcott Bulb Project - October 5
March Against Monsanto in downtown Syracuse - October 12

For more information and to read our September 2013 E- newsletter please click "Read More."

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Hello Everyone!

Check out what we've been up to this month by reading our July E - Newletter - just click the "Read More" link below.  

If you would like to be added to our email list become a Registered User of our website in the left-hand column here on our homepage.

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Click "Read More" to view our latest E-Newsletter right here. Become a Registered User of our website in the left-hand column here on our homepage to receive future issues via email.

Find out the latest news and events concerning:

1] Syracuse REAL FOOD Co-Op Community Glossary Link Permaculture Design
2] March and Rally to Oppose Fracking and Support Renewable Energy
3] Other Community Resources and Happenings

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