cted 2013 flyer capture ThumbThe CTED in Syracuse will be back starting on February 2nd and 3rd, 2013!  It's never too early to register, so do it now to ensure the class will be held as scheduled.

>>>>> Learn a land use design method to improve home scale food and forest production, to conserve resources, and save money.  >>>>> Study basic ecological principles and methods and use them to solve problems on your own home and landscape.  >>>>> Meet once a week to discuss the principles and techniques of Glossary Link permaculture and ecology that help us make better choices for our land, families, and communities.  >>>>> Class work will include a self-selected design project. Design your own backyard, garden space, vacant lot, field, forest, or even an entire neighborhood. Examples and applications will be presented in both an urban and rural context.

Weekend Workshop: February 2 and 3, 2013  (10 am - 4 pm)
Thursday Evenings: February 7, 21, 28; March  7, 14, 21; April 4, 11, 18 (6 pm - 8:30 pm)
Optional DATE TBD: Spring Permablitz Weekend Work Day at the Rahma Edible Forest Garden 

$200 - $400 Sliding Scale (Some scholarships may be available, apply for a scholarship as part of your registration application)

Registration is being facilitated by the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute at http://fingerlakespermaculture.org/?page_id=1733

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Zine Capture

Fresh from the presses, might we encourage you to zine with us? We'll use this zine to spread the word and educate about the Rahma Forest Garden door-to-door and through other outreach locations. We need people's time and creativity to create and produce this product, please help :>) We know there's lots of zinesters out there! Here's an opportunity to put your skills into action!

Looking for cultural creatives, or just those who want to learn more through teaching, to choose a topic and create a page in our Rahma Forest Garden User's Guide zine. Are you someone who could do that?

Contact Frank at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 315-308-1372.  Download a copy of the flyer at:


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Nov ENews CaptureClick "Read More" to view our latest E-Newsletter right here. Use the Sign Up Form in the left-hand column here on our homepage to receive future issues via email.

Find out the latest news and events concerning:

1] Rahma Planting Blitz - Friday November 2, 4:30 PM til Dark
2] Co-Create a User's Guide Zine for Rahma Forest Garden
3] Alchemical's Statement Against Fracking
4] "Reflections of Resisting the Destruction of Earth"
5] Glossary Link Permaculture Collective / Rahma Interpretive Sign
6] Truck Farm, Final Offering of "What If?" Film Series

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FrackingPaperCapture2The concern for safe and healthy environments is an ongoing trial for many of us, both personally and publicly.  The movement to ban horizontal hydraulic fracturing has been going on for years now in New York, and is still in need of energy and a louder voice.  The Glossary Link Alchemical Nursery has until now, not provided a formal statement in regard to hydro-fracking, not out of any question of our position, nor of a lack of interest, but simply due to a lack of priority.  We give thanks and appreciation to the many individual activists and groups and organizations that are, and have been, leading this fight.  Individuals within the Alchemical Nursery have often engaged in local efforts and actions to support the ban, and now have made the effort as an organization to lend our voice to this ongoing struggle with our anti-fracking position statement.

The Alchemical Nursery’s Anti-Hydrofracking Position
As residents of New York State, and the greater global ecological system, The Alchemical Nursery stands in solidarity with all those who resist the Hydrofracking industry’s attempts to horizontally drill for natural gas in New York State and the world. We recognize that the construction of drilling wells in New York State would entail water contamination, ecological destruction, and significant air pollution. These proposed drilling operations are another instance where an unsustainable economic system is attempting to impose its logic upon us, at our expense and against our will, with catastrophic results for the integrity of both global ecosystems and human communities.   (Continued, please click "Read More").

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Sept E News CaptureClick "Read More" to view our latest E-Newsletter right here.  Use the Sign Up Form in the left-hand column here on our homepage to receive future issues via email.

Find out the latest news and events concerning:

1] Clothing Swap, Sunday September 23 
2] Sheet Mulching Workshop at Rahma, Thursday October 4
3] END:CIV Screening, Saturday October 6
4] Glossary Link Permaculture Collective
5] A Community of Gardeners, and Truck Farm What If? Film Series

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Swap2012Capture ThumbJoin us for the fun of another CLOTHING SWAP at the Westcott Street Cultural Fair.  This mutual aid action was such a blast last year, that we're bringing it back, hopefully on an annual basis.  Help us spread the word so that we can get lots of extra clothes on site, and get them distributed to anyone who wants or needs them.

Sunday September 23 on Westcott Street (in front of Dorian's if we get our same location as last year).  Bring clothes the day of the event and add them to our ever changing size of a pile.  Or you can drop them off ahead of time by contacting Sasha through the email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Take clothes for free, even if you have nothing to share with the swap pile!

We also hope to be screenprinting a new design featuring a local wild edible.  Last year we showcased a line drawing of Staghorn Sumac.  Sasha is working up a new design for this year, so we'll have to wait and see what it is!  Screenprinting will be done for a sliding scale fee of between $1 and $10, and either on your own piece of clothing you bring or something you select from the swap pile.

See photos from last year's swap at http://www.alchemicalnursery.org/photo-gallery/westcott-street-cultural-fair/2011-clothing-swap.html.  Click through "Read More" for a fuller sized version of the flyer :>)

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