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a plant or herb that can be used as medicine to heal a wide range of ailments, or is used as a general health tonic.

Passive Solar

Technology of heating and cooling a building naturally, through the use of energy efficient materials and proper site placement of the structure.


Permaculture is an approach to designing human settlements and perennial agricultural systems that mimic the relationships found in the natural ecologies. It was first developed by Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren and their associates during the 1970s in a series of publications. The word permaculture is a portmanteau of permanent agriculture, as well as permanent culture.


Solar panels used to harness the sun’s energy and convert it to electricity that can be stored in batteries and/or used to power electrical systems.

Quinta Essentia

The fifth element beside fire, water, earth, and air the element that is necessary to explain the diversity and multiplicity of life, the finest or best of any substance. The quintessence is an element that permeates all nature and is the constituent matter of the celestial bodies. Also, the name of the Alchemical Nursery's Fiscal Sponsorship program.

regenerative gardening

the process of reguvinating land through the use of wise use planting, soil remediation and other biodynamic principles.

sheet mulch

the process of adding layers of fertile materials to form a raised bed. ingredients can include; fresh green compost,aged green compost, matured manure,tea leaves, straw, brown compost, coffee grounds, lime, calcium, mychoryzzal fungi, coconut fiber, humus, and other soil amenities.

skill share

a non-hierarchical method of teaching and learning in which everyone is free to be student and teacher (aka each one teach one)

soil remediation

the process of converting polluted soil into healthy, fertile soil suitable for gardening and agriculture.

solar oven

a device for cooking directly with the sun that does not use artificial electricity to heat the food.


Soaking in liquid until saturated with a soluble ingredient, as in, for example, the steeping of tea.


Historically, the term was used by herbalists and apothecaries to describe a medicine - also called theriac or theriaca - composed of many ingredients, or one used as a treatment for poisons, snakebites or various ailments. In this time wells or springs believed to contain curative water were known as "treacle wells". The name is derived from the Old French triacle, in turn from Latin theriaca, meaning “antidote to poison”.


a fortified smoothie made by mixing and blending nutbutter,seaweed,fruit,spices (usually garam masala),water/and or nutmilk.


a compost tea used by native americans by combining comfrey,mullein,and horsetail with water and allowing to sit for a day or few before using.

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