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Alchemical Nursery

The Alchemical Nursery is a community benefits organization committed to the development of regenerative lifestyles and landscapes utilizing the principles and ethics of Permaculture, the Intentional Communities movement, Ecovillage living, and Mutual Aid activity. By providing educational resources, dialogue space, networking tools, and project development we are growing together towards cultural transformation, right livelihood, and equilibrium between local human society and our global ecological community.

This Mission is accomplished through these goals and operations:

Facilitate Permaculture based ethics, education, and hands-on experiences to assist individuals in becoming more self-reliant and connected to their ecological environment.

Advance an understanding of Intentional Community and Ecovillage based lifestyles and philosophies.

Direct the continued research and development of the DUCk (Decentralized Urban Community) Land Trust model.

Aggregate and coordinate educational and project based initiatives based in cooperative and mutual aid methodologies.

Provide logistic, financial, organizational, and public support to other like-minded endeavors.


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