The Runaround

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franklen in Alchemical Blog on Apr 01, 2009
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So this is a hella day for running around.  I hate cars, thank God I have a car, or I would be in a crunch.  I wrote about this some on my other blog ( ), the joys and pains of having a car; and how I hope to try and figure out a better way to not have to drive so much with my job.  A bicycle cart needs to figure into this equation somehow.

 Anyway, will be heading to Gear Factory to pick up Landscape Architecture drawings for 717 Otisco, up to ESF for CDs of drawings, over to Liz's for Alchemical stuff, then out to the Fairgrounds to set up Alchemical's table and the Green Energy Aware table.

There are still free tickets to get into the Chamber Business Show if anyone is interested.  Let me know.  ~Frank

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