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Seth Rutledge in Member Posts on Apr 10, 2009
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my advice for this progressive coalition platform suggestions


    apply for stimulus fund to launch a local broadband wireless network. (more info here

electoral reform:

   Replace the winner-take-all system with proportional representation in order to give all political viewpoints representation.

    Institue instant runoff voting for single offices like mayor and county exec. where voters list their prefered candidates to eliminate the problem of "spoilers" and voting for the "lesser evil."

criminal justice and policing:

    Creating alternative and non-punitive methods for responding to defiant student behavior in schools, like voluntary programs, vocational education, or apprenticeships in the community.

    Make victmless crime enforcement the lowest priority, spend the millions saved by releasing prisoners of the drug war and non-enforcement, on rehab to eliminate the demand and jobs for drug dealers to eliminate the supply.  Legalise medical and personal use of canabis, and hemp to create local paper, resin-plastic, cloth, and entertainment industries.

    Give democratic control to the community to select their own police force.

Housing/Community Devealopment

    8. assess the affect of the City's code enforcement on delaying development and preventing more grassroots, home built work.  Work with residents, homeless, and long term renters to build cheap and effecient dwellings with local and recycled materials.  Support the current effort in syracuse to start a deconstruction companie, and the sustainability academy to train people in low cost energy efficient construction.


    7. create a high-level point person to lead and coordinate the City's efforts to reduce energy consumption.  Introduce terrif and fund policys like Municipal Property Tax Assesment Financing for residential solar panels, and taxation of unsustainable resources to the level required for remediation of the environmental damage and research into alternatives.

    Promote the local sustainable food economy by working with current community/school/individuals interested in starting urban farms/community gardens/research and education programs.  Recognise everyones right to grow their own food and live selfsuffiiently where the community is not disturbed.

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