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franklen in Alchemical Blog on Apr 21, 2009
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I wass reading some online material about social entrepreneurship, which in a nutshell can be used to describe Alchemical in a pinch.  And the term bootstrapping kept rearing its head.  And I realized that we have been bootstrapping Alchemical from the very beginning.

Part of that bootstrapping consisted of money out of Liz and my pockets, to pay for our 501(c)3 paperwork, bassic supplies and materials, and most recently inusrance costs and a new office space deposit. 

But the most important aspect of bootstrapping a project like this is the wide-ranging support group that we have.  And I just wanted to send out a great big thank you, cause even though I've realized all along that our success depends so much on you, our supporters, I don't know if we have taken the time to put that down on electronic ink and really recognize that fact. 

 So thank you, for your time as a volunteer, for your donations of money, for your donations of materials, for your spiritual guidance and support, for your attention and input to our online community, and for so much more.  We still need your help, I won't pretend that we don't, nor would I wan to, because everyone, together, creates community, which is waht Alchemical is all about.  We love having each and every one of you be a part of our family.  Cheers.

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