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  • Seth Rutledge

    pod 7 Somalia and Ethiopia

    Seth Rutledge in Member Posts on Feb 09, 2013
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    This podcast looks at the despicable genocide in Somalia and Ethiopia in the name of the US gov. and multinational corporations. I used to think that Congo was the worlds worst conflict, but I think the Somalia and Ethiopia might be worse (at least recently.) 2011 saw 1,300 children die each day- the result of intentional genocide to clear the way for corporate exploitation of the land, and to secure US domination of the key horn of Africa trade routes.

    Thomas mountain etheiopi aon life support


    putland oil war


    oromo ethiopia invasion:


  • Seth Rutledge

    The Unfinished Battle For Aleppo

    Seth Rutledge in Member Posts on Feb 07, 2013
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    I did not write this, but I did do some extensive editing to make it more understandable in English, so here it is on my blog. 

    The Unfinished Battle of Aleppo
    by Aref Hamdoush
    Aleppo - the economic capital of Syria, home of 6 million, and one of the most important historical cities of the Syrian Arabic Republic. Aleppo is where the primary factories of medicine and industry are located in Syria . Thus, its strategic importance could determine the fate of the ongoing bloody conflict in Syria.
    Until the battle for Aleppo the Free Syrian Army (FSA) had been using guerilla style tactics, not taking a stand and holding territory, but constantly moving.  They had also stayed mostly in the countryside where they could hide and blend in with the civilian population more easily.  These tactics made it very difficult for the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) defeat them as they learned in Homs and elsewhere.

    In August 2012 the SAA lured the FSA into Aleppo by creating false security blunders.  Initially 40 thousand militants; trained and battle hardened in Libya, Afghanistan, Turkey, and other places; came and their numbers continued to mount to roughly 200 thousand in January 2013.  Then the FSA sought to destroy the Syrian anti-air defenses so that the Turkey could establish a no-fly zone; they offered Turkey the gas rich city of Latakia in return.

    Urban warfare is the most brutal of all. A soldier will fight with a gun, knife, and even his hands. From house to house door to door, there are no rests in such fights. The SAA started the battle with false television reports that the field commander of the FSA had ordered a retreat.  This allowed the SAA to take and fortify many strategic sites, and then began targeted attacks on FSA leaders, armored vehicles, and ammunition deposits. 
    The SAA attacked in small units to split the FSA held areas and capture them one at a time.  The SAA suffered many losses to the FSA’s artillery and armored vehicles.  It was discovered that the FSA possessed chemical weapons and S200 long range anti-air missiles. 

    The FSA succeeded in establishing supply routes from Aleppo to the Turkish border and occupying large areas of the city.  The FSA had planned to capture strategic sites in the city to setup chemical rockets and anti-air missiles.  The SAA bombed critical FSA positions, and the FSA took out fighter jets with their anti-air missiles.  The SAA special forces were able to capture the FSA’s anti-air defense sites with cover from their heavy artillery.

    The SAA sent a large military convoy to cut the FSA’s supply lines from Turkey by closing the border; but they walked into a trap and were captured resulting in the loss of military equipment, hostages and killings of many SAA soldiers.  The opportunity to close the borders was lost. 
    The FSA also made a grave mistake: they had made a deal with the Kurdish communities in Aleppo where they would kill all the Alawites but not harm the Kurds; and in return they would be allowed into the Kurdish areas.  However they violated the deal and killed Kurds as well as they moved into the areas in large numbers, causing the Kurds to turn against them. 

    In January the FSA failed to take out all of the air defenses and began to retreat.  However the battle is far from over.  The FSA destroyed the economy of Aleppo which had disastrous consequences: power outages and fuel shortages all over Syria.  Many died because of limited energy and inadequate food.  Many Syrian girls and women were raped, killed and used as human shields; children were forced to fight; journalists were kidnapped; and emergency vehicles where attacked.  All this in the name of human rights and freedom.

    About the author: Aref Hamdoush lives in Lattakia.  He is a military and political analyst and has studies military science for 5 years.  His sources include friends in the Syrian army, and former friends who have joined the FSA.

  • Seth Rutledge

    The Hidden Martin Luther King Lectures

    Seth Rutledge in Member Posts on Jan 21, 2013
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    The Martin Luther King Massey lectures (published as Conscience for Change, and then Trumpet of Conscience) is his best work; although almost totally unknown. There is no online transcript available anywhere (believe me I searched everywhere) so I transcribe some of it below.


    Really awesome stuff check it out, and the other four lectures are great too (link below, I also uploaded them to so you can stream them as well.)


    "Young Negros had traditionally imitated whites in dress conduct and though in a rigid middle class pattern. .. now they ceased imitating and began initiating leadership passed into the hand of Negros and their white allies began learning from them. This was a revolutionary and wholesome development for them both. It is ironic that today so many educators ND sociologist are seeking to instill middle class values in negro youth as an ideal in social development, it was precipice when negro threw off their middle class values that they made a historic social contribution. they abandoned those values when they put careers and wealth in a secondary role, they cheerfully became jailbirds and trouble makers, they took off their brooks brothers attire and put on their overalls to work in the isolated rural south.


    They challenged and inspired white youth to imitate them. Many abandoned school, not to reject education by to seek it in more direct ways. They were constructive school dropouts, a variety that strengthened society and themselves...


    The collective effort that was born out of the civil right alliance was awesomely fruitful for this century and the first years of the 1960s. the repressive forces that had not been seriously challenged for almost a decade now faced and aroused adversary, a current of humanist thought and action swept across the land scoring fist small then larger victories. the awakening grew in breath and the contested issues encompassed other social questions.


    A phalanx of reliable young activists took protests from hiding and revived a sense of responsible rebellion. a peace movement was born.... it stimulated a broader social movement that elevated the moral level of the nation in the struggle against the preponderant evils of the society descent values were preserved. moreover a significant body of young people learned that in opposing the forces that were crushing them they added stature and meaning to their lives. The alliance of negro and white youth fought bruising engagements with the statusquo inspired each other with a moral mission and give each other an example of sacrifice and dedication.


    These years the late 60s are a most crucial time for a movement that I have been describing. There is a sense in which it can be said that the civil rights and peace movements are over at least in their first form the protest form which have them their first victories. There is a sense that the alliance of responsible young people has fallen apart under the impact of failures discouragement and consequent extremism and polarization. It has entered a time of temptation to despair because it is clear now how deep and systematic are the evils it confronts.


    There is a strong temptation to despair of programs and actions and to dissipate energy in hysterical talk there is a temptation to break up into mutually suspicious extremist groups in which blacks reject the participation of whites and whites reject the reality of their own history.


    But meanwhile as the young people face this crisis leaders in the movement are working out programs to bring the social movement form their early and now inadequate protest phase into to a new stage of massive active non violent resistance to the evils of the modern system. As this work and the planning proceeds we begin to glimpse tremendous vistas of what it might mean to the world if the new programs of resistance succeed if the and forge in an even wider alliance today awakened youth.


    Non violent active resistance to social evils including massive civil disobedience when there is need for it can unite in new active synthesis the best insights of all three groups I have pointed out in our young people.
    From the hippies it can accept the vision of peaceful means to a goal of peace and also their sense of beauty gentleness and the unique gifts of every mans spirit. From the radicals it can adopt the burning sense of urgency the recognition for the need for direct and collective action and the need for strategy and organization.


    And because the emerging program is neither one of anarchy nor despair it can welcome the work and insight of those your people who have not rejected our present society in it's totality. They can challenge the other groups to integrate the new vision into history as it actually is into society as it actually works. They can help the movement not to break the bruised reed or quench the smoking wick of values that are already recognized in the society that we want to change and they can help to invoke the possibility of honorable compromise .


    If the early civil rights movement bore international fruit in the formation of a peace core this new alliance could do far more already the best young workers in the US are talking about the need to organize in international dimensions they are beginning to form conscious connections with their opposite numbers in other countries. The conscious of an awakened activist cannot be satisfied with a focus on local problems if only because he sees that local problems are all interconnected with world problems the young men who begin to see that they must refuse to leave their country to fight and kill might decide to leave their country at least for a while in order to share their lives with others ..


    There is not an outline in existence for what structure this growing world consciousness might find for itself but a dozen years ago there was not an outline for the civil right movement... the spirit is awake the structure will follow if we keep our ears open to the spirit. Perhaps the structural forms will emerge from other countries propelled by another experience of the shaping of history. But we don't have much time, the revolutionary spirit is already worldwide, if the anger of the peoples of the world at the injustice of things is to be channeled into a revolution of love and creativity we must begin now to work urgently with all the peoples to shape a new world."



  • Seth Rutledge

    War Update Jan 2013

    Seth Rutledge in Member Posts on Jan 21, 2013
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    This war update will be published in the February Peace Newsletter


    Mexico: On December 21 tens of thousands of Zapatistas peacefully occupied five municipalities in Chiapas and spoke out against the police and paramilitary violence against their communities. On December 23 the Triqui people were brutally evicted from their protest camp in Oaxaca City where they seek the right to return to their lands.  The Triqui were driven off their land by paramilitary groups funded by the Mexican government and seeking to clear the way for international mining companies.[1]  Many indigenous groups in Mexico practice self-rule and deny the legitimacy of the Mexican government’s fraudulent elections.  The “war on drugs” has been used as a pretext to crush these movements through widespread violations of human rights including killings, tortures and disappearances.[2] [3]  The conflict has resulted in 70,000 deaths, more than 20,000 disappearances, and more than a quarter million displacements over the past five years.[4]  The US has supplied the Mexican government with over $1.7 billion in military aid since 2008.[5]

    Colombia: new reports reveal displacement of indigenous people increased by 83% in 2012 with 5.4 million people displaced since 1985.[6] [7]  The increase is attributed to the Colombia Free Trade Agreement, passed in 2011, which allows for the sale of communal landholdings. The US has provided $7.1 billion in military aid to Colombia since 1996.[8]  The reports reveal the Colombian military tortured, raped and killed thousands of civilians, then dressed them as militants to receive more military aid from the US mostly between 2004-2008.[9] [10] 

    Syria: Hundreds of demonstrations have called for the world to protect the 612,847 refugees in danger of freezing this winter. US ally Saudi Arabia has given $100 million to the National Coalition, the US backed opposition government created to distribute funds to militant groups and who envision an Islamic State in Syria.[11]  The US has sanctioned Al-Nursa, an Al-Qaeda affiliate involved in key victories against the Syrian government, despite the objection of the National Coalition.[12]  The UN warns of the sectarian nature of the conflict and the Local Coordinating Committees have called for the Free Syrian Army to refrain from revenge killings of whole communities.[13]

    Mali: The French military, with US aid, deployed troops and launched air strikes against Al-Qaeda groups in N. Mali.   In 2012 thousands of Tuareg entered Mali fleeing ethnic cleansing in Libya[14] after the fall of the Giddafi, and attempted to establish an autonomous nation.  Al Qaeda groups, strengthened by US support in their fight against Giddafi and now in control of areas of Libya,[15] [16]  [17] then supplanted the Tuareg.  After the rebellion in the north, the government of Mali in the south was overthrown by a military coup lead by US trained Captain Amadou Masogo.[18]  [19]Mali has large reserves of gold, uranium, oil and other natural resources. 












  • Seth Rutledge

    Pod 5 Mali, Syria, Hati, El Salvadore, Algeria, Congo

    Seth Rutledge in Member Posts on Jan 20, 2013
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    Pod 5 lineup

    0:00:35 Tarpley Mali and Syria

    0:11:40 By design: french mali invasion spills over into algeria

    0:11:40 By design: french mali invasion spills over into algeria

    0:16:50 The Geopolitical Reordering of Africa: US Covert Support to Al Qaeda in Northern Mali, France “Comes to the Rescue”

    0:26:20 How Washington helped foster the Islamist uprising in Mali

    42:10 2012 the new scramble for africa

    0:50:10 US Troops Deployed to 35 African Countries

    0:53:05 Congo M23 Conflict

    1:16:30 Pakistan Shia killing US-Wahhabi legacy: Academic

    1:19:35 The US and the Privatization of El Salvador


    1:32:45 Hati Aristide


  • Seth Rutledge

    podcast 4 Iraq China Colombia Syria Mexico Mali Libya

    Seth Rutledge in Member Posts on Jan 17, 2013
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    Iraq Central Bank US imperialism Sectarian vioence doomed in Iraq

    Marcos Zpatista statement

    Mexico Juarez death squads

    colombia no compromise

    US anit-China strategy

    Al Quaeda Carves out own country in Mali Libya HRW lies

    dynamics of syria part 1

    dynamics of syria part 2

    dynamics of syria part 3

    dynamics of Syria part 4

    dynamics of syria part 5

  • Seth Rutledge

    War Update

    Seth Rutledge in Member Posts on Jan 16, 2013
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    published in the Peace Newsletter:

    War Update

    Gaza: Israel initiated Operation Pillar of Cloud (Nov. 14-21) by killing Hamas military second in command and peace negotiator Ahmed Jabari. He had just received a draft of a truce agreement between Hamas and Israel brokered by Egypt.i
    Israel bombed 1,500 sites; killing 166 Palestinians (33.3% civilians); wounding 1,235 (97% civilians); demolished 242 buildings; and damaged over 8,000 buildings totaling $1.2 billion in damages.ii Hamas fired 1,400 unguided missiles into Israel (400 were intercepted) killing four Israeli civilians and two soldiers; and causing $50 million in damages.iii

    On November 30 Netanyahu ordered the construction of 3,000 new homes and planning for thousands more in the occupied West Bank and East al-Quds (Jerusalem). The US will increase its $3.1 billion annual military aid to Israel by $210-$470 million.iv

    Syria: 3,111 women and 33,574 men have died since March 18, 2011.v Terrorist attacks have sharply increased in

    Spokesmen from the opposition have met with US, British, French, and Turkish officials in Qatar to form the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary Opposition Forces; now recognized by France, UK, US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, UAW, Kuwait and Oman; and supported by some opposition groups.vii Other opposition groups are engaged in dialog with the Syrian government.viii

    NATO will deploy Patriot missiles and 400 soldiers in Turkey on the border of Syria. 10,000 US troops have been deployed off the coast of Syria.ix The US has provided $25 million in aid to the rebels;x the CIA maintains a FSA command center in Turkey;xi and facilitated arms supplies including a shipment of surface to air missiles.xii
    Anonymous pentagon sources claim the Syrian government plans to use chemical weapons of mass destruction. Pentagon officials say there is no evidence for this accusation.xiii Israeli commandos are in Syria purportedly to monitor this possibility.xiv

    Congo: On November 20 the M23 rebels (with support from US backed Rwanda and Ugandaxv xvi seized the city of Goma in eastern DRC. 390,000 refugees have fled the fighting since April.xvii The war for the DRC's mineral wealth has killed 5.4 million since 1998.xviii

    Sudan: Israel bombed an ammunition factory in Sudan.xix Rebels (supported by US backedxx xxi S. Sudanxxii continue to shell an airport and combat the army.xxiii Iranian warships visited N. Sudan in a show of support. Sudan has been under US sanctions since 1997.xxiv

    Pakistan: 4 drone strikes killed 11-23 and injured 7-13 from November 29-December 9.xxv

    Afghanistan: In the period between August 1 and October 31 there have been 75 US soldier and 967 Afghan civilian deaths; more than 568 US soldier and 1,590 Afghan civilian injuries.xxvi xxvii


    Visit for references and additional reading.

    i Lendman, Stephen. "Ahmed Jabari (1960 - 2012)." War Is A Crime. 16 Nov. 2012. Humans For Peace. 12/18/12 <>.

    ii "Gaza damage to cost $1.2 bln: Hamas spokesman." Daily Star. 25 Nov. 2012. The Daily Star Lebanon. 12/18/12 <$12-bln-hamas-spokesman.ashx>.

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    xxvii Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. "The situation in Afghanistan and its implications for international peace and security." United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan. 6 Dec. 2012. United Nations. 12/18.12 <>.


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  • Seth Rutledge

    Podcast 3

    Seth Rutledge in Member Posts on Jan 08, 2013
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    Podcast 3


    Ecuador drug coup


    Bahrain protests

    Sudan coup attempts


    Libya terrorist training for Syria

    Russian warship for Syria

    Syria plane

    Syria al quaeda

    Syria terrorists

    Syrian SA al nursa leadership of FSA

    IRA defects

    Pakistan Al Quaeda punishment

    Sandy 1 and 2




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  • Seth Rutledge

    Seth Rutledge reading pod2

    Seth Rutledge in Member Posts on Dec 24, 2012
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  • Seth Rutledge

    War Update Podcast

    Seth Rutledge in Alchemical Nursery Sponsored Project Events on Dec 24, 2012
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    My first podcast, just a reading of interesting articles from your education and enjoyment including one by me.

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