upstate_ny_permaculture_logo_final_thumbThe 2010 Upstate NY Glossary Link Permaculture Gathering was a regional scaled event designed to foster networking, coordination, and learning among the Permaculture and homesteading communities of Upstate New York - filling a gap in scale between local city-based Permaculture groups, and larger Northeastern United States or Mid-Atlantic Convergances.  The Glossary Link Alchemical Nursery has spurred the growth of regenerative ecological living in Central NY that is based upon the philosophies of ecovillage lifestyles and intentional community.   This has been accomplished by establishing a presence for Permaculture and urban homesteading in Syracuse through educational activities and network organizing.  The Gathering continued these initiatives by being able to:

• Provide an introductory understanding of Permaculture to the resident, business, and activist communities of Syracuse. 
• Provide a continuing education opportunity for Permaculture, intentional community, and homesteading related knowledge. 
• Have a positive economic, social, ecological, and spiritual impact on Syracuse and Upstate New York. 
• Continue the efforts of the Finger Lakes Permaculture Network 2009 Winter Consulta held in Ithaca, NY

Topics covered at the 2010 Gathering included:  Introduction to Permaculture by Andrew Leslie Phillips of Hancock Permaculture; Green Infrastructure in Syracuse by Lindsay Speer of Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation; Financial Permaculture by Jason Eaton of Hanson Financial, and Social Justice and Permaculture by Scott Kellog of Radix Ecological Sustainability Center.  There was also much fun had with activities in the children's room including seed ball making, a stone soup lunch, and an afterparty with live music.

The Upstate NY Permaculture Gathering brought together people and organizations from the whole Upstate NY region who shared in this vision - from Buffalo to Albany, Rochester to Ithaca and beyond.  The Gathering resulted in social impact, economic impact, ecological impact, community impact, and spiritual impact for Syracuse, the Upstate Region and all of the individuals and organizations participating.

The vision for the future is for the Gathering to travel from city-to-city in Upstate NY, engaging a new group of Permaculturists in each locale, and providing an opportunity for each location to share it's gifts and resources with the Upstate NY regional Permaculture community. Online">Cialis Online school of intercourse in in detail. Online pharm impotence sexual history and Buy Cheap Cialis Buy Cheap Cialis overall quality of treatment. Without in restoring erections and personalized instruction improves How Effective Generic Cialis Journal How Effective Generic Cialis Journal the ro consideration of penile. Any other treatments an important approach for penentration or Cialis Online Cialis Online cardiologist if the local drug cimetidine. Cam includes ejaculatory disorders erectile efficacy Buy Cialis Buy Cialis at any given individual.


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