The Glossary Link Alchemical Nursery utilizes Glossary Link Permaculture as a means to the ends of food security and self-sufficiency, as well as a tool for creativity and wisdom seeking.  From Wikipedia:

Permaculture is sustainable land use design. This is based on ecological and biological principles, often using patterns that occur in nature to maximise effect and minimise work. Permaculture aims to create stable, productive systems that provide for human needs, harmoniously integrating the land with its inhabitants. The ecological processes of plants, animals, their nutrient cycles, climatic factors and weather cycles are all part of the picture. Inhabitants’ needs are provided for using proven technologies for food, energy, shelter and infrastructure. Elements in a system are viewed in relationship to other elements, where the outputs of one element become the inputs of another. Within a Permaculture system, work is minimised, “wastes” become resources, productivity and yields increase, and environments are restored. Permaculture principles can be applied to any environment, at any scale from dense urban settlements to individual homes, from farms to entire regions. 

Alchemical's Permaculture initiatives include (Past and Prersent):

DISHES Forest Garden - A new Syracuse forest garden to be developed in 2013; Winner of the Summer 2012 Salt City DISHES Crowdsourced/Crowdfunded  Award.

Rahma Edible Forest Snack Garden - A 1/5th-acre urban edible forest garden on the south side of Syracuse at 3100 South Salina Street.  PArt of the Rahma Free Health Clinic campus.

717 Otisco Street - an educational and demonstration site.

Syracuse Permaculture and Urban Homesteading Collective - A co-created community for Permaculture work/skill shares and educational exchange.

The Upstate NY Permaculture Gathering - The 2010 Gathering was a regional scaled event designed to foster networking, coordination, and learning among the Permaculture and homesteading communities of Upstate New York

Community Training in Ecological Design - A curriculum developed by the FInger Lakes Permaculture Institute taught in Syracuse NY by The Alchemical Nursery.


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