Chemical Nursery? Alchemy? Huh??!!
At first, some people may wonder if we are growing trees or flowers. Or they might wonder why a grassroots organization is "all chemical." While building nurseries is indeed a part of our larger mission, we are not interested in using chemicals. As the name we have chosen to represent our organization, The Glossary Link Alchemical Nursery Project is a symbolic expression of our larger purpose.
Alchemy is the process of spiritual transformation and growth. In the days of lore, alchemists were interested in turning lead into gold. But the meaning behind this endeavor is multilayered, and largely metaphorical.

We at The Alchemical Nursery Project are striving to take the "lead" of our current urban centers and turn it into alchemical "gold." It is a holistic process of evaluation and action aimed at revamping the urban landscape and pervasive lifestyle that accompanies it. We are starting at the grassroots level and finding synergy as we move along our paths toward realizing our visions for sustainable urban development and living.

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