As a 501c3 non profit organization, The Glossary Link Alchemical Nursery Project is required to have a board of directors. Our board is comprised of a minimum of 3 persons and a maximum of 10 persons, and each person is a working member, serving on at least one of The Alchemical Nursery project groups.

Frank Raymond Cetera, Co-Founder and Vice-President
The goals within my own life mimic those I work to achieve within the Alchemical Nursery.  Namely, providing and developing education and resources towards self-sufficiency and interdependance outside of the conventional corporate, captalist and property economies.  How that happens is a life-long work in progress.

Frank  Meditation with Mt. Hekla

Frank and Micky

 Sasha Batorsky, President

I am a firm believer in taking responsibility for our earth;  It is the only one we have and it is a beautiful one at that.  I love being a part of the Alchemical Nursury family because it is a commited crew of people working towards educating and steering people in a direction of positive community interaction and regenerative earth friendly lifestyles.  We would love to have all of you join us on our journey.

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 Jason Smith, Treasurer

Hi, my name is Jason Smith and I hale from Baldwinsville, NY, which is a short ride north of Syracuse.  Growing up here we are always told about how polluted the lake is and that the Erie Canal used to bring lots of commerce and culture to Syracuse, but what about today? All you hear is about the mall and the college Basketball team. I want to know more about my home, what is happening now to grow the culture and what can I do to be apart of it. That is why I am honored to be a part of Alchemical Nursery, because their world embracing vision and action at the local level are exactly what is happening in Syracuse now and how we are going to build a stronger, more vibrant community.

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 John Cardone, Secretary



 Mackenzie Macner, Board Member 

I decided to join the board for Alchemical to do something tangible focused on developing community in the world around us. I'd really like to see something happen here that gives people one of the best reasons to stick around: accessible tight knit communities. This is of course not going to happen with out people putting in hard work, opening their minds and their hearts to possibilities that are out there.

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 Bonnie Gale, Board member

I am proud and excited to be a part of Alchemical Nursery. I was part of the Glossary Link permaculture movement in the 1970's in the Pacific Northwest and believe in permaculture as the regenerative system of ecological land and human design. I bring planning and landscape architecture degrees to the pot and I am at present a designer and willow artist focused on the design and building of living willow structures. I will do all I can to see Alchemical grow and flourish. 

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 Josh Cook, Board member

I see the Alchemical Nursery as a practical actualization of the need for sites of prefiguration, that is, concrete projects which demonstrate in miniature the need for broader, sweeping changes in humanity's relationship to itself and to the rest of the natural world. Permaculture and ecovillage lifeways are modes by which we can address of the concerns of social justice and ecological integrity at the local scale, while simultaneously working for global transformation in this age of climate, economic, and humanitarian crises generated by the predatory capitalist system. As we cultivate human-scale, beautiful, diverse communities, communal kitchens, collective housing, and forest gardens, we swim against the current of an earth-killing, people-exploiting, unsustainable economy and begin to learn in concrete ways what life will have to look like if we are to have a verdant and humane world after it collapses.

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 Andrew Greco, Board Member, (Formerly Academic Intern from SUNY-ESF)

I decided to intern with Alchemical Nursery because I see its values and goals as parallel to mine:  Restoring landscapes and lifestyles to sustainable ways, rather than privatized and profit-driven approaches.  After completing my undergrad in History at Stony Brook University, I moved to Syracuse for a Masters in Environmental Studies.  I plan on sticking around with Alchemical after I finish my internship and working on cross-pollinating community, cultivating food deserts, and combating racial and social inequities.

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 Charlie Sam, Board Member  Bio and Pictures Forthcoming


Elizabeth SlateCo-Founder
After having a child and knowing how important it is to have a healthy environment in which to raise one, I began searching for options, and found the ecovillage. The ecovillage movement aims to nurture the growth of regenerative lifestyles.  This is the work of many lifetimes and people and paths. Taking a holistic approach to life and its challenges gives me hope for personal and collective evolution.

Liz Mama and Moeby Looking to our Future

 Adrienne Allen

Adrienne Allen is a lifelong resident of Syracuse, New York. As well as being Board Secretary and Education Committee Member of the Alchemical Nursery Project Inc. Adrienne is a visual artist and an advocate in support of the arts in education. Adrienne is an enthusiastic gardener of flowers, herbs, and vegetables and is currently building a backyard greenhouse out of old windows and other scrapped parts.

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 Kristian Rodriguez

Hello! I'm Kristian, I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I was originally turned on to intentional communities after spending two summers "WWOOFing" through Colorado and New Mexico and spending time with the Rainbow Family. I am grateful that Alchemical Nursery exists in Syracuse because it offers us a space to do the work of creating the foundation for an awesome future full of integrity, joy and connection with each other and our world! I have a background in the arts mostly theater, music and writing. I am currently serving on the Decentralized Urban Community Committee and developing a project around Live Art. Feel free to contact me!

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Jane Nicholson
I joined Alchemical Nursery to be part of a collaborative effort to help Syracuse become a more sustainable, vibrant community. As an urban planner and outdoor enthusiast, I want to encourage communities to embrace their ecological roots and integrate sustainable principles into their everyday lives. Each project we engage in further develops this mission, and I am excited to be a part of it. My background is in geography, international relations, urban planning, natural resource management, and public administration.

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 Valerie Dawnstar

From waitress to nurse to massage therapist to store owner to permaculture designer to Permaculture teacher.  Many permutations in between and many more to go....Valerie is a Permaculture designer and educator, and the Founder of North Coast Guild.  Valerie resides in the City of Oswego and is also involved with the City of Oswego Community Gardening and Tree Stewards development.

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 Marcia Rutledge

Marcia is a lifelong Syracuse resident and has been long involved with community development and the arts.  Marcia also enjoys being an active member of the Syracuse Area Outdoor Adventure Club. 

 Jason Gallagher

Born and raised in Central Illinois, I relocated to Syracuse in June 2009 and have taken courses at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. Since moving to Syracuse, I have become involved with the Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation (NOON). I received my Masters in English from the University of Nebraska-Omaha where I focused on Theatre and Native American Studies.  I've also lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, where I was an active member in InkTank, which describes itself as "the city's link to writing and literacy initiatives" and is dedicated to writing initiatives for "the homeless, those in recovery, and those suffering the effects of poverty."

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 Heather Helman (Academic Intern from SUNY-ESF)

Hello! My name is Heather, and I grew up just outside of Buffalo, NY. I moved to Syracuse to attend SUNY-ESF and I am now entering my junior year there, where I major in Environmental Policy, Planning, and Law and minor in Urban Environmental Science. Throughout my internship with Alchemical, I am hoping to learn how to integrate various aspects of permaculture into urban lifestyles as well as how I may share these ideas with others. I am also interested in learning how Alchemical operates, so that in the future I can hopefully apply this type of organizational/business model to other cities in need. I love cities and find them fascinating-they are incredible places that our culture should never intentionally give up on or abandon. To me, the empty, decaying Rust Belt cities and other cities across America are not something to be looked on with despair or anger-they are a reminder that we as a society have a chance to start fresh, and actually get it right this time.

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